Vail Daily letter: Eagle Town Board sounded whiny, defensive |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle Town Board sounded whiny, defensive

Annie Egan
Vail, CO, Colorado

I attended the Eagle Town Board meeting for the final deliberations regarding the Eagle River Station file. I was surprised and disappointed at the fact that all but two of the board members pre-empted their statements regarding ERS with amazing statements about how they had been treated by some in the public.

Statements like, “I was personally attacked (verbally that is!); I was accused of not doing my homework; people “questioned my motives and intentions; “I was told by … that I lead the pack” regarding the EACP; and even a statement that comments had “gone beyond decency.”

Come on you, guys. If you’re going to be a politician, you’d better have thicker skin than that! And if you’re proud of your decision, how come you’re so defensive? (All these trustees voted, “yes” for ERS.)

Well, I’m sorry, but many of these statements, such as “I had no intention to insult anyone,” indicate to me that there was some insulting going on. In fact, as a person who regularly attends town board meetings regarding ERS, I have personally seen it happen, and way too many times.

As far as I’m concerned, this vote of six in favor and one against was blatant disregard for how their constituents have repeatedly spoken. Two surveys stated that development should go to the west of town — along with the interchange. Rebecca Leonard was a paid consultant who came to the conclusion that the people of Eagle felt they didn’t want big boxes in Eagle. And lest we forget, the vote two years ago that was a no to ERS.

One trustee said, “Eagle needs to expand its sales tax base if it is going to financially survive.” Sounds like a call to panic to me. Sure, the town could use more money, but the town of Eagle is not going broke. There is no shortfall in our budget and we can live within our means if we want to. This will be decided at the second referendum. Let the townspeople vote and so be it!

I am not against development, but remember this: If the Town Board wanted to approve something there, that’s fine. But to approve a project that is 30 percent larger than the original proposal and 80 percent larger than Glenwoods Meadows is absurd and clearly not what the townspeople have communicated. Nor do we want some 4,000-plus asphalt parking spaces (Costco is 772). And please be advised that this is way bigger than the parking lot for Walmart and Home Depot!

Based on this, I would encourage all voters to vote for Yuri Kostick for mayor and Brandi Resa for trustee. A vote for them is a vote for Eagle as we know and love it, a vote for transparency in our government, and a vote for a fresh, new, positive approach to our local government.

Annie Egan


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