Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail out of control |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle-Vail out of control

Baxter Pharr
Vail, CO, Colorado

Eagle-Vail property owners may have noticed that their annual dues have tripled under the new leadership of the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association.

Last November, these same people rammed a property tax increase down our throats during the longest and most painful real estate downturn in the county’s history.

Now they are back at the table asking for more of our hard-earned money in the form of a transfer tax of 1 percent on all real estate sales. Does these people’s greed know no bounds?

The current leadership of the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association didn’t bother taking a vote on the latest dues increase.

They try to justify these outrageous fee increases by saying that the pool needs repair.

Well, here’s a revolutionary idea that I have repeated often to them, but they have ignored: Let the people who actually use the pool pay for the pool! Why should those of us who’ve never used nor plan to use the pool foot the bill for others who use it every day?

Now with their pockets full of extra cash, the EVPOA are dreaming and scheming of new ways to spend our money. They are planning to go around trying to get signatures for more of our money in the form of a real estate transfer tax.

Please resist their strong-arm tactics by telling them no. Many homeowners in Eagle-Vail (myself included) didn’t even know that this nine-headed monster even existed until after we had purchased our property.

Now it’s time for property owners to kill this beast before it wraps more of its tentacles around our hard-earned money.

Get involved by attending meetings and joining the board. Let’s replace the current group of spendaholics.

Baxter Pharr

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