Vail Daily letter: Elect James Van Beek |

Vail Daily letter: Elect James Van Beek

Mary and Mikel "Pappy" Kerst
Vail, CO, Colorado

We are adding our letter of support for James Van Beek, as we have known him professionally for 20 years and understand how his qualities and qualifications would make him an excellent sheriff. We have known James and his family for the past 15 and have watched him raise his family in Eagle County.

Filling the position of sheriff with the best qualified person is critical to an organization, and experience means a great deal.

James committed himself to a career with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, working his way up from a road deputy to the detective’s office. James went on to further his experience with accepting positions training Middle East countries in law enforcement. This experience has assisted James to better understand how to build the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office into a different and more resourceful county organization.

We have found him to be easy to work with as he approaches problems with a calm demeanor but is not afraid to take on tough issues. James is familiar with the organization and knows each member’s strengths and weaknesses.

That is a major advantage when transitioning the leadership within an organization. Just as important, he knows the community and other public safety and social agencies that work together to improve our quality of life.

We cannot stress enough how vital it is to have management and leadership experience in law enforcement in order to effectively run an organization. It is not just the on-the-job training the makes the sheriff but one that is willing to take life experience and bring it to work for those he works for.

We have heard from others it is time to shake things up. Certainly every organization has room to improve, but we don’t have a great deal of confidence in the current organization and feel that James Van Beek is the person to move things forward.

Vote James Van Beek for Eagle County sheriff.

Mary and Mikel “Pappy” Kerst


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