Vail Daily letter: Elect Todd Goulding |

Vail Daily letter: Elect Todd Goulding

Phil Struve
Vail, CO, Colorado

Todd is the right person to guide Avon though the next couple of tough years and then be able to execute plans for a changed town when the economy turns. He has shown the leadership as chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission that will bring disciplined decision making to the Town Council.

Todd is very good at analyzing situations, seeking input, outlining alternatives and seeking consensus to resolving issues.

The past four years, Todd has worked effectively to bridge communications gaps between stakeholders in Avon. His ability to communicate, to agree or disagree and to move on has been proven during the past four years. He readily participates in many volunteer efforts throughout the valley.

The next Avon council must guide us toward a new valley. What we were before we will not be in the future. We will come out of this malaise different from how we went in.

The new economy will have to be based upon three or four prominent businesses in a balanced approach. Development will still be needed but will never again be a dominant as it was in the past.

Todd has shown during his chairmanship of the Avon Planning and Zoning Commission that he understands this challenge and is prepared to make Avon what it can be.

Phil Struve


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