Vail Daily letter: Election message |

Vail Daily letter: Election message

Sam Reid
Vail, CO, Colorado

OK, it’s all over now. Can we all be just Americans from here on out? All of us, together. Something was said in the last election. Americans spoke out and proved something this time around. We’re not stupid anymore.

There is something more powerful than money and the big Nazi lie financed by a few men with heavy wallets. We, all of us, have realized that we don’t and won’t be duped by big money anymore.

Americans are more important, all Americans, every American, and those without money have something far more powerful than the 1 percent with money. It’s called the vote. Just one vote per one American.

And reality has now struck to the core of those who think that money is everything, that money makes you elite for some inane, stupid, ridiculous reason. It doesn’t, and you’re not.

Money means you can buy more stuff, more junk, more lies, but it’s pretty obvious that money can’t buy you even one vote when you’re thinking only about yourself. Live in your own world, assuredly, but when it comes down to it, you’re going to have to at least deal with reality now.

What’s going to change? Just about everything. Maybe for the first time in this country’s history, the Constitution will actually mean something. Maybe the Supreme Court will have 52 percent women on it. Is that a bad thing? No, it’s an American thing. It’s called representation, and hopefully it will spread to maybe even the Congress, and maybe every federal government body, and position in this country.

It might even trickle down into the state legislatures, and locally. But it’s coming, and about time.

ho does this actually hurt? Not a damn person, not one American, and that is the truth, and reality.

Who will cry and whine like little children at the tops of their lungs, pounding their fists on their very expensive desks? I think all of us know who you are: the same people who have said recently that corporations deserve to vote too; that you can try to influence elections with money, let’s say even a billion dollars’ worth, and you don’t have to say who you are and are allowed to construct the biggest lie you can.

Yeah, those people. The same ones that say out loud to every woman in this country that in his opinion God sanctions rape, and that’s OK because even though he isn’t a woman, he states that woman can magically prevent pregnancy after they’ve been raped if they want to. That insane reality doesn’t exist anymore.

This same guy’s brother who says who states that “greed is good,” that people of color are less than they are, that tries with money and political influence to prevent all of us from voting, that gives out no-bid contracts, that says our troops are aren’t entitled to everything we can give them when they spill their blood for our country – he, too, will have to live in this new reality.

This same guy’s cousin who won’t give you affordable health care, who sends American jobs out of the country for “profit,” who turns a deaf ear to the agony of the masses because he won’t make a buck off your suffering. … Yeah that guy. You’ll hear him crying when his golden binki slips out of his mouth.

And finally the realization will come that their money really doesn’t matter, that it’s wrong to spit on others, that they really don’t need every damn penny in the world, that they should actually pay their fair share because they can.

Then it will finally hit them right between the eyes: “Oh my God, all of us are Americans,” and should be. That’s the new reality, buddy. Stick that in your craw and chew on it.

Sam Reid


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