Vail Daily letter: Election’s over, folks |

Vail Daily letter: Election’s over, folks

Arlene Posner
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have enjoyed being a summer resident for the last 20 years. Besides enjoying the beauty of the area, I spend much of my time supporting the local establishments — one of them being the fine performances at the of music and dance offered at the Ford Amphitheater.

Recently, with guests in from Chicago, we had the wonderful honor of viewing the amazing dance performance by Savion Glover. After the concert, we spent time at a local restaurant and proceeded to our parked car.

Someone had gone out of their way to rip off half of one of the several Obama stickers on my car. Yes, I am from Illinois and spent some time working on President Obama’s campaign.

And yes, I know that the election is over. But Mr. Obama is now our president.

I have not been entirely happy with some of our former sitting presidents , but I would never be upset with other person’s political views enough to carry out such a stupid gesture.

These bumper stickers represent what I believe. If we all go around destroying others’ beliefs, we are not representing what America is all about.

If the people who did this do not like others’ opinions, maybe they should take up residency in a country that does not offer choices and freedom of speech.

Arlene Posner


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