Vail Daily letter: Enduring a storm |

Vail Daily letter: Enduring a storm

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Vail, CO Colorado

I hope this analogy is fitting. Picture yourself standing on a beach, looking out at the ocean. You see in the dis-tance a horrendous storm, perhaps a Force 11, tearing up the sea. Emerging from the storm we see a large lifeboat, filled with many people, that seems to be approaching the safety of the shore. In the front is President Obama and others, all dressed in white, fiercely pulling on the oars in the direction of the shore. In the back of the boat are many, many figures all dressed in black. They are faced the other way and pulling, with all their might, in the opposite direction, heading back toward the ferocious maelstrom.

Let us suppose that that storm is composed of two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, that have been going on for six and nine years, respectively. These wars have cost many thousands of military lives, many thousands of horrendous injuries to the military forces which must be borne by them for the rest of their lives. The civilian toll in these war-torn areas is expo-nentially greater. War, of course, destroys more than humans. It destroys everything in its path. These wars have been sanitized here in the United States by the fact that we live in a wonderful country far, far away from the carnage.

“Show no coffins at Dover Air Force Base.” Do we understand what war is like? The people in Iraq and Afghanistan do! The Bush administra-tion, during the last eight years, was asking congress to pour billions and billions of dollars to continue the killing, reducing our treasury and adding to the ferocity of the storm. This happening without nary a peep from the rowers dressed in black.

This storm recently gained strength from a near economic collapse of our country. Much of it was caused by lack of government oversight, greedy mortgage “sub-prime” lenders and many tricky financial maneuvers of money-hungry people on Wall Street and perhaps a few here in Happy Val-ley, flipping homes for profit, increas-ing the price of homes.

The rowers in black looked the oth-er way, espousing “no government interference” with our lives.

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Adding to the above storm came a recognition that health care was becom-ing intolerable and the costs escalating beyond reason. The health insurance industry has refused coverage to many for pre-existing illnesses, increased rates and paid their executives many millions of dollars in compensation.

During the 2008 primaries and elec-tion, there were many rowers dressed in black who were hell bent on pre-venting Obama’s election as president of our beautiful country – Monica Crowley, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Han-nity, Glen Beck, Michael Malkin, Car-ol Kalwa, Charles Krauthammer and Ann Coulter, to name a few.

They failed, but as stirred and angry bees, they are continuing to dissemi-nate their stinging hatred of Obama by their writings and radio talk and tele-vision shows. They do it by vicious twisting of the English language to impress many gullible individuals around the country, and even here in Eagle County, who parrot those very same insidious writings – Butch Maz-zuca, Dick Gustafson, Jonah Gold-berg, Bob Brandon, Stephen Hyde, Michael Schneider, to name a few.

President Obama has exhibited, during his first year, great effort and tenacity to try to resolve some of the complicated and convoluted prob-lems of the “storm” and has survived. He needs positive rowers!

Now we are approaching a special time of year, which is supposed to be filled with praise, love, joy, under-standing and respect. Why can’t we be a peaceful nation, stop these wars, deaths and destruction?

Bring the troops home, cease the occupation of the Middle Eastern countries, and be an example to oth-er nations that we can manage our democratic style of government peacefully.

Otherwise, the rowers in black, if they continue to use their directed invectives toward President Obama, will not stop until this country is torn asunder. Our country needs peace, love, respect and understanding.

Fletcher MacNeil,l Vail

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