Vail Daily letter: Energy efficiency for everyone |

Vail Daily letter: Energy efficiency for everyone

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

My family gets a significant portion of our electricity from the 20 solar panels mounted on our roof. Installing this system was not cheap and required a big up- front expense. Ballot Initiative 1A, the Energy Smart campaign, removes barriers to installing systems like the one I own. If you live in Pitkin or Eagle counties, you will receive your mail- in ballot shortly. Ballot Question 1A on both ballots asks you to allow your county to sell bonds to fund residential and commercial energy efficiency and renew-able projects. Proceeds of these bond sales are loaned to the property owner to be repaid over time through prop-erty tax payments.

Proposal 1A creates a program to offer low- interest, long-term, fixed-rate loans to property owners. The loans will remain with the property until repaid.

Proposal 1A is not a tax and only impacts the property owners who opt to access loan funds.

Proposal 1A is a direct investment in local green jobs for plumbers, builders, carpenters, clean energy installers and other technicians.

Vote yes on 1A!

– Matt Hamilton, Carbondale

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