Vail Daily letter: Enough already of Erzinger story |

Vail Daily letter: Enough already of Erzinger story

Jim Cameron
Vail, CO, Colorado

We have beat this case to death! We have turned Erzinger-Milo-Hurlbert into a virtual reality show played out in the Vail Daily. If there is a broadcast-media series that seeks out these kinds of cases I am sure we will see it on TV.

Milo will get his revenge and, hopefully, what’s due to him in civil court. I don’t care what happens to Erzinger, and neither should you. What goes around comes around. Hurlbert is out of terms to run for again.

Justice was not served, and unfortunately, that isn’t news.

For those who write letters vowing to boycott Vail, let them. They are publicity seekers. Every place has its embarrassments. Our community is repeating itself over and over and is now feeding this frenzy. Let it go.

Jim Cameron


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