Vail Daily letter: Enough is enough |

Vail Daily letter: Enough is enough

Ali Webb
Avon, CO Colorado

It is no surprise to me that Hidden Gems opponents came to the meeting at the Eagle County Building in large and vocal numbers, some wearing T-shirts that show what many of them feel: “Enough is enough.”

They say “enough” to those who “work the system” to push through restrictions imposed on those they disregard based on narrow views of “what’s going to be best for everyone.”

They say “enough” to proponents of the meeting that need to be reminded that the land is not their exclusive property, that they do not have the corner on acting responsibly and that their attempt to shove their proposal through the local authority as fast as possible while neglecting the rights of others is manipulative and self-serving. It is not an issue based on how a person chooses to recreate but an issue of respect and inclusion.

Opponents appear tired of the assertion that an exclusive, self-appointed few should dictate to others what is best for them as if it were their constant dilemma to “get the inferior folks to grasp it.” That’s discriminatory, elitist and divisive. It’s also erroneous.

When statements are made by proponents of the Hidden Gems restrictive-use plan that they can’t see how they can work with the other side, I would have to say to them that the answer is as obvious as their bias.

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Ali Webb Avon

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