Vail Daily letter: Enough with push for one-world government |

Vail Daily letter: Enough with push for one-world government

Chas Bernhardt
Vail, CO, Colorado

If you are happy with a one world government, where the ones in power make all of the sheeple equal, taking the earnings of the hard-working, innovative, sacrificing, individuals (like yourself) and giving them to those who choose to milk the system after (of course) taking for themselves pay increases, bonuses, taxpayer-paid vacations, lobbyist payoffs, and Cadillac health-care benefits — then you need to do nothing. It is already being done for you.

If you want to have a society where those who work hard are properly rewarded, the needy cared for by local benefactors and have a fiscally responsible government, then make 20 copies of the 73 minute audio “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and give them out to your friends, and have each of them make 20 copies and pass them along, etc. (The author allows and encourages this.)

Then in a few months we can have an educated group of voters who can make some sensible decisions. Let us never again elect someone who has never held a job other than a public office.

We need folks who can make good decisions based upon experience in the real working world, while maintaining a high level of compassion for those less fortunate.

Chas Bernhardt

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