Vail Daily letter: Epic parking solution |

Vail Daily letter: Epic parking solution

Richard Silverman
Vail, CO, Colorado

I was wondering if anyone at the Vail Daily could go back and see how many times parking has appeared as the lead story. I’m guessing quite a few, maybe more than any other issue over the years. I’m also guessing you will find the same old arguments, the same quotes from merchants and council members, the same tough talk that gets us nowhere.

You will probably find the same arguments from Vail Resorts, as well: “Hey, we gave you the land for parking, and you get all the money from parking” goes the company line. Maybe that used to be true, but the Epic pass changed all that.

The advent of the Epic pass has created impact far beyond anything we have seen before, and Vail Resorts is responsible for that. Parking has been impacted more than anything else, especially on powder days. It’s time for Vail Resorts to step up on parking, and here’s how I think we can make them do it. The town of Vail should accept the offer from CDOT to cede control of the frontage roads to the town, along with $11 million to maintain them. The town should then ban wintertime frontage road parking until Vail Resorts begins to negotiate in good faith to solve the problem.

The only way to get VR’s attention is to affect their bottom line. When all the freeloaders from the east side of Vail Pass show up on that first big powder expecting to park for free, they will blame Vail Resorts. When those people realize that they no longer will be able to park free, they will stop coming. When they stop coming, they will stop buying Epic passes . When they stop buying Epic passes, Vail Resorts will build some parking.

Richard Silverman


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