Vail Daily letter: ERS would ruin Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: ERS would ruin Eagle

Donnie McGean
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

I don’t live in Eagle, but for several years, I have wanted to. I even bought a lot in Eagle Ranch. What drew me to Eagle was the small-town aspect of the community and its natural beauty.

Building Eagle River Station will destroy Eagle’s small-town aspect and its natural beauty. If this project gets the green light, it will not be the end to this type of development in Eagle. In the end, though, what some in Eagle thought it might gain in tax revenue will be spent to deal with all of the negative aspects of this development. I’d wager that this and the developments that may follow will put the Eagle budget into deficit, which, of course, will mean higher taxes on the residents. This scenario has been played out in cities and towns across America. And in the end, what is gained?

I sincerely hope the residents of Eagle vote NO to the Eagle River Station on Jan. 5. Voting no will preserve something that once lost can never be recovered.

Donnie McGean

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

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