Vail Daily letter: Ex-officer against sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Ex-officer against sheriff

Chris McDonnell
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am not a politician and I do not affiliate myself with any political parties or views. I do not care how you vote come election day. I, on the other hand, was raised with morals and ethics and feel you need to know the truth.

The residents and taxpayers of Eagle County need to know who they will be voting for come election day, and the current situation in your sheriff’s office is not good.

I hear from current and former staff and feel deeply that they deserve a leader that will listen and work with everyone, not just a select few looking to protect a cush job.

Eagle County deputies are professional and shouldn’t have to go to their already stressful jobs wondering if they are going to be fired or threatened by the administration. Officers shouldn’t have to carry around undercover tape recorders because of harassment and threats by the administration. The abuse has gone on far too long, and it is time for change in Eagle County.

I am a former detention deputy that worked in the Eagle County jail for four and a half years. In my tenure I never witnessed a more toxic work environment. After my rookie year, I was the last guy standing.

Under Joe Hoy’s administration and guidance, six people out of seven had left or were fired, if that tells you anything. Under this time frame, I witnessed what I feel is corruption, lies and a complete lack of disregard for anyone but the administration’s own intentions.

You see, under Joe Hoy’s ineffective leadership, you can be a member of the cowboy club and ride in on your horse. However, you will go out looking like a complete jackass.

Ignorance reigns supreme under this administration, and what they did to Mrs. Wolf is what they did to countless others who dedicated their lives to professional law enforcement.

When I was there, she was a favored daughter. She went bad because her dedicated husband is standing up for what is right instead of being a member of the cowboy club.

We used to have a saying — “You lie, you die.” Too bad current administration can’t heed these words. They lied to you, the taxpayers, when they would not take in DUI arrests. They said they were too full. I say BS, as I sat for countless hours in front of empty and open holding cells. They did this on purpose so if anyone inquired about why we were not taking DUIs, it was because we were full and we needed a new jail. They used your safety to fund, promote and capitalize upon a left-wing agenda.

I will be voting for Charles Wolf come election day. The men and women of Eagle County deserve better and we need to end this dictatorship. I trust Charles with my family and hope you can trust me with my endorsement.

Chris McDonnell


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