Vail Daily letter: Ex-sheriff for Van Beek |

Vail Daily letter: Ex-sheriff for Van Beek

This letter is written in appreciation and support of James Van Beek, the independent candidate for Eagle County sheriff. I worked with James as his supervisor and as a team member at the Sheriff’s Office for approximately 12 years. During that time, I found James to be a morally just and compassionate person, someone who would take the time to listen and help others.

James has always been enthusiastic and committed to enhancing operational processes, working diligently with minimal supervision and could be trusted to carry out assignments and organizational values as a road officer, field training officer and as an investigator.

James has the knowledge, experience and integrity to move the Sheriff’s Office forward. He will give 100 percent to see that an established mission is accomplished within the parameters of providing safety, customer service and our


Over the years that I have been acquainted with James, he has grown in many directions, demonstrating self-respect, competence, commitment, integrity and leadership.

There are numerous styles of management, and James is continually working within the achievement-thinking style that leads to outstanding overall personal performance and success. I believe that James will be a good sheriff to the citizens of Eagle County, someone you can trust and have confidence in.

A.J. Johnson

Former Eagle County Sheriff (1983-2003)

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