Vail Daily letter: Exactly! |

Vail Daily letter: Exactly!

Ken Lutz
Vail, CO, Colorado

A huge amen to David Dillon’s column about flip flops. Thank you! The dude was right on target. I hate seeing flip flops everywhere you go. Ugly as hell! If I see a beautiful or attractive woman and I look down and see flip flops, it’s all over. They are a total turn-off. Sorry, ladies. But all I can think of is what a hillbilly tramp they look like. The ones who get those stupid pedicures thinking they are classy look even more trampy to me. This might not be politically correct, but when I see a big heavy person with big ugly sausage toes wearing them, it makes me sick to my stomach. And that “flapp flapp flapp flapp” sound is enough to make you want to kill someone.

Flip flops should be banned from restaurants. Grosses me out totally. Whatever happened to “no shoes no service”? Aren’t there health laws against them? Should be. Flip flops are not shoes, so they don’t belong where people are trying to eat. The last thing I want to see when eating is someone’s feet. And on dudes they suck even more. There’s nobody they look good on.Put some shoes on or stay at home, flip flop hillbillies!

Ken Lutz