Vail Daily letter: Excited for Eagle River Station |

Vail Daily letter: Excited for Eagle River Station

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Vail, CO Colorado

We have lived in Eagle for a com-bined 60 years. We loved it when we had no movie theater and no fast food and the post office was downtown, but we were realistic when people moved into to our idealistic little town and growth began to happen. Most ideal little towns were growing rapidly throughout the nation.

With Eagle’s growth, many fantastic amenities (and great people) moved in. We still love Eagle and are excited at the prospect of a project such as Eagle River Station adding to our beloved town.

Did we review the project? Check. Did we ask a ton of questions? Check. Have we talked to many others whom we respect and value as cit-izens who truly care about Eagle? Check. Are we making an informed, educated vote regarding this project? Check.

ERS will add much-needed sales tax, even if it doesn’t reach its projected goal.

It will enhance infrastructure along Chambers Avenue. It will pour money into our downtown area, making it even more desirable.

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Our town will have needed funds for basic upkeep and even more amenities.

We love downtown and shop there often. We will still go downtown if ERS passes, but instead of doing the ” Target Trek” and heading to Glen-wood, we will keep those funds here in Eagle. Glenwood residents still love and shop down-town Glenwood. They also use their Target.

It will not cost taxpayers a penny, and if it fails, it’s on the developer. It’s a win-win situation.

The town has already put taxpayer dollars into the downtown to the tune of $4.5 million. Other areas of town also need attention. This develop-er will lift that burden off of us.

The important thing is that we still all have to live together if ERS passes or not.

This election will, indeed, get more heated in the upcoming weeks. People are fearful to speak out on this project because of the potential mud slung in the direction of those voicing an opin-ion. Let’s try to come out of this thing with some class and dignity.

We would like to encourage people to join us in voting “yes” for ERS on Jan. 5 at the Town Hall in downtown Eagle.

We love Eagle with all of our hearts and souls. We want nothing more than to enhance it, and ERS is moving us in the right direction!

Ron and Debby Beard, Eagle

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