Vail Daily letter: Experience counts in race for Eagle board |

Vail Daily letter: Experience counts in race for Eagle board

Fred Schmidt Eagle, CO,

Eagle residents, please do not be fooled into thinking that this municipal election cycle for three trustee seats on the Town Board is unimportant to you and the town. You may feel as though there are no big issues in front of the town as there were in the last trustee election with the ERS project vote, but let’s keep in mind that our town is in the midst of a financial crisis with mounting expenditures and decreasing revenues. We need competent leadership to move us safely forward past this situation while also dealing with the near-future Haymeadow development presentation, West Eagle Project development, various downtown infill projects, the Eby Creek roundabout upgrade and the completion of the wastewater-treatment plant, to name a few. Experience in town affairs and inner workings of running a town will again be invaluable backgrounds for a candidate to have. I recently attended a public meeting and sat in a group where current Eagle Trustee Yuri Kostick remarked that the learning curve for him, when he began his tenure, was very difficult and should not be taken lightly! He went on to say that he is only now, after two years, starting to feel comfortable and competent in his position.Due to this need for and importance of prior town experience in a candidate’s background, Eye on Eagle is endorsing the following candidates and urges you to support them with you vote on or before 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Those candidates are: Mikel “Pappy” Kerst, who is a current town trustee with six years experience; Scott Turnipseed, current chairman of the town Planning & Zoning Commission (six years experience); and Scot Webster, a member of the town’s Planning & Zoning Commission (four years experience).These three endorsed candidates will be able to communicate with existing trustees as well as work efficiently and cooperatively with them to do the town’s work right from the start of their terms. Eagle can ill afford training wheels for any new trustee in these critical times. Also, we residents deserve to have the best-qualified candidates from the field to represent us. Above all, however, be sure to vote and show that you care about your town and its future. Be involved!Fred Schmidt for Eye on Eagle

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