Vail Daily letter: Face of tyranny itself |

Vail Daily letter: Face of tyranny itself

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Vail, CO Colorado

“Liberty,” “independence” (like in a declaration), “individuality” and “freedom” are profound and historical words that echo from our founding past. These concepts once defined an American during the Revolutionary War, the French and Indian Wars and the War of 1812.

Then the fledgling government in Washington stood on the broad shoulders of frontiersmen, settlers, militiamen and patriots of all stripes. Those were the halcyon days, when senators and elected representatives relied upon the people for their authority to govern and, in turn, served their interests, welfare and common defense against all enemies, foreign and domestic, for that is how it was written in the charter of a new nation, and that is how it should still be.

It is surprising to most that the Constitution of the United States still has that express purpose as its only basis for oversight by the federal government.

To abort or abrogate from this expressed and only authority would be tantamount to violating a sacred trust with the people and seed the beginnings of tyranny – a rogue government in occupation of the “city on the hill.”

There once was a time when the individual citizen expressed his will and collectively implemented it through a republican process. Their will was to be done though the offices of their duly elected representatives, and in turn, those representatives listened to these constituents and obeyed in the manner of a good and loyal servant.

In those days, there were fewer of us, and therefore, the work of government to protect our individual rights and to subserve our interests was no mean thing.

Now, with 300-million-plus Americans and an increased forum of representatives in Washington, one would assume that the constraints on government authority over the lives of the individual citizens would be even more circumspect and acknowledged. The principles of a limited central government as espoused in the Constitution would still obtain and even more so owing to the complexity of today’s society and the efficiencies of state and local governments in general.

Where legislation like health care is fomented behind closed doors away from the ear of the people or their scrutiny, there is a violation of not only the oath of the representative but a blatant disregard for the rule of law and those basic constitutional mandates.

Where there is executive legislation by way of “executive order” again is a conscious disregard for the very concept of a republican separation of powers.

Where there are crony appointments of governmental overseers (czars) without the prerequisite vetting by Congress, there is evidence of imperialism in one branch of the government – the executive.

And where there is the shameless, pernicious and derogatory condemnation and denigration of dissent by law-abiding citizens – such as tea party, Campaign for Liberty, etc. – by the power elite (including the mainstream media), the very concept of a republican form of democracy is denied, for the Constitution was written to protect the rights of the minority (dissenters) from the excesses of the majority.

What we have witnessed in the last year by the Democratic Party-controlled Congress, presidency and judiciary is the face of tyranny itself and a departure from the past virtues, principles and mores that made America a once great nation and a beacon of liberty to inspire the world.

Unlike monetary policy, you cannot expend liberty when you do not have it – perhaps it is time to reflect, remonstrate and reload.

Fredric Butler

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