Vail Daily letter: Facts in the way … |

Vail Daily letter: Facts in the way …

Kirk Aker
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to Joanne Harris, of Edwards, on her perceived notion that since the elections of President Obama and U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, our Constitution has been trashed and we are now a dictatorship: She was “shocked to see such blatant display of anti-constitution, anti-founding exposure” concerning presidential executive orders.

Spending just a few minutes of research, I have found the following facts concerning executive orders per president per year in office:

President Obama – 31.5 a year.

President W. Bush – 36.5 a year.

President Clinton – 45 a year.

President H.W. Bush – 41.25 a year.

President Reagan – 47.5 a year.

President Carter – 79.75 a year.

President Ford – 56 a year.

President Nixon – 69 a year.

Source: U.S. National Archive

Note of interest: President Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation consisted of two executive orders.

Concerning appointees not confirmed by the Senate: Most presidents through President H.W. Bush had either none or just one or two. The past three administrations had: President Clinton with 7, President W. Bush with 27, President Obama with 33. The source for these numbers is Wikipedia and these numbers are admittedly subjective and imprecise.

So, Joanne, exactly when did our nation become a dictatorship?

Kirk Aker


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