Vail Daily letter: Failed his duty |

Vail Daily letter: Failed his duty

I just read with horror the story about your local prosecutor failing to do his job, refusing to press felony hit-and-run charges against a financial adviser who hit and seriously injured a cyclist on Route 6. The prosecutor is quoted as saying he would not press charges because it could jeopordize the adviser’s job. If you’re a financial manager for wealthy clients, your job is more important than justice?

I have spent much time along with my family skiing in Eagle County. I often spend the week before significant cycling races on my schedule training while staying in Vail. I have logged many miles in Eagle County.

Due to the handling of this accident I will never do business in Eagle County again. I will not stay at any accomodation there. I will not patronize any restaurant or grocer. I will not ski there. No Vail shop will tune my skis or work on my bikes or sell me parts for them.

I will make sure that all my teammates know this story and my reaction to it and will recommend they do the same.

Bob McMullen

Sublette, Kansas

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