Vail Daily letter: Faith in Vail restored |

Vail Daily letter: Faith in Vail restored

Brent and Sarah Clayton
Vail, CO, Colorado

We’ve been coming to Vail since l968 and have many wonderful memories of family vacations here. Recently we were celebrating a birthday with l5 family members. In the confusion, one of our group left her purse on the city bus.

We figured chances of ever seeing it again were slim to none. Gone were four credit cards, wallet containing driver’s license, checkbook, new digital camera, cell phone, the kitchen sink!

Imagine our pleasant surprise when the Vail Police called a week later to tell us someone from the Transportation Department turned it in, all contents intact!

Our faith in the goodness of Vail humanity has been substantiated. Thank you, Vail, for applying the Golden Rule. We’re anxious to return (in just two weeks!).

Brent and Sarah Clayton


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