Vail Daily letter: Faith misplaced |

Vail Daily letter: Faith misplaced

Peter Bergh
Vail, CO, Colorado

Today, the Catholic Church is facing its greatest challenge since the Reformation, which was initiated by Martin Luther in 1517 and resulted in over 130 years of bloody warfare in Europe over a schism of religious beliefs. It is increasingly evident that this church is not up to the challenge.

The scathing and mounting revelations facing the Catholic Church documenting widespread child abuse by both priests and nuns and the systematic coverup that can now be traced to the very summit of the Catholic hierarchy in Rome is very likely to bring down a religion whose roots are deeply imbedded in the fear, ignorance and suppression characteristic of the Dark Ages.

Little Totos around the world have at last pulled away the curtains exposing the leaders of the Catholic Church for what they are, no wizards, but fallible and doddering old men who have managed for centuries to control their flocks of dumb sheep by threats, superstition, mumbo-jumbo, fear of eternal damnation and by denying women control of their own bodies in order to ensure an endless supply of more sheep.

Not wishing to cite the Catholic Church alone as being irrelevant today, major military conflicts are currently raging around the world and thousands of people are dying under the banner of “my god is better than your god.” This despite the reality that Charles Darwin and the great science that over the past century has confirmed his studies have proved the fact of evolution and debunked the myth of creation as simply “silly science.” Texas, are you listening?

By all means people, should have faith, but that faith should be placed where it will do some real good. In ourselves, in others and in our communities. People of all religious beliefs must soon be made to realize that there is no deity that will save us from ourselves and no hereafter. We human beings are the “gods” possessing the power and apparently the inclination to destroy the very Earth that nurtures us, given the hard scientific facts and damaging evidence before us.

It would be wise, therefore, to stop praying and start bailing for we will either float, or sink, together. Collectively, we have no more than a few decades left to halt and then begin to reverse the damage the over-population of human beings has done to the planet.

Are we up to the challenge?

Peter Bergh


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