Vail Daily letter: Fantasy exposed |

Vail Daily letter: Fantasy exposed

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

Can a small-town population grow while maintaining its “small-town retail charac-ter”? As an Eagle resident, I think we have our answer. We’ve experimented unsuc-cessfully with this retail fantasy for 10 years on the south side of the river. We went against the grain and refused big-box devel-opment, focusing instead on revitalizing our small downtown.

Further south, we created a new village from scratch where retailers aren’t begging to be revitalized; they’re still waiting to be vitalized. I believe Eagle can continue to be successful at maintaining small-town char-acter. it just can’t afford to live alone on small-town retail character.

The basic rules of big money retail haven’t changed since we turned our cars into our cocoons: Freeway Access + Ample Parking + National Retailer = Real Money.

A few years ago, our town leaders annexed land adjacent to Interstate 70 for a good reason. I say milk it for all its worth! Yes on ERS.

Mark Hall Eagle

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