Vail Daily letter: Far from a waste |

Vail Daily letter: Far from a waste

Joanne Harris
Vail, CO, Colorado

“Wasted opportunity at Washington Mall” — how so, Richard Carnes?

Al Sharpton, who organized the black march, was acting contrary to Martin Luther King’s teaching. Glenn Beck’s TV program, which you evidently don’t watch, has presented some amazing black history. Many blacks contributed to the founding of this country. Fredric Douglas was one.

Do you know where the raised money went? It went for the education of the children of fallen warriors. What an ugly scheme. One purpose of the rally was to unify Americans in values and principles. Glenn Beck is a learner and an educator. You have my permission to criticize him after you have read at least five of the books pertaining to America’s founding that he recommends. Start with the “5,000 Year Leap” and realize what a miracle ourConstitution was before the Democrats started shredding it.

Glenn Beck has no personal political ambition. He, in my opinion, is truly concerned about America’s future. One wasted opportunity was when Al Sharpton did not lock arms and join with the group unified in principles and values.

Joanne Harris


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