Vail Daily Letter: Fear pushes opponents |

Vail Daily Letter: Fear pushes opponents

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

Hi Don. Thank you for your ration-al, informative editorial on the pro-posed Eagle River Station.

I have been trying to understand this issue. I agree with your opinion and am hoping the vote passes for building.

I think that the fear the opposition has is simply that, fear. As Eagle becomes more balanced in its goods and services, people will gravitate here rather than Glenwood or Silverthorne, offering more tax revenue for commu-nity and customers for all businesses. I live in Eby Creek on the mesa and cannot vote. I wonder why the pro-campaign is not stronger? I have seen a lot of bumper stickers and brochures pop up this week against the development.

I hope people will really look into this and not be emotional voters based on some strongly opinionated, fearful people.

Thanks for your editorial, good job! It should be an interesting vote. Merry Christmas!

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Liz Merrick

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