Vail Daily letter: Fill in the blanks |

Vail Daily letter: Fill in the blanks

“Thousands of schools across ( blank) are bursting with stu-dents who dream of being the accountants, engineers and the doctors this ( blank) desperate-ly needs, but the education sys-tem is often failing the very chil-dren depending on it most to escape poverty.

“(Blank) is at grave risk of pro-ducing what one veteran com-mentator has called another lost generation, entrenching the racial and class divide rather than bridging it.

“Half the students never make it to 12th grade. Many who finish at rural and township schools are so ill- educated that they qualify for little but menial labor of the jobless, fueling the ( blank)’s daunting rates of unemployment and crime.”

I read the above few para-graphs this past weekend in The New York Times and thought the article made reference to Col-orado’s deplorable educational system. The words I blanked out were: One, “South Africa”; two, “country”; three, “post-apartheid South Africa”; and four, “nation.” “Half the students never make it to the 12th grade.”

It hurts quite a bit comparing Colorado’s educational system to one of the poorest nations in the world.

– Eddie Blender, Edwards

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