Vail Daily letter: Finds it fishy |

Vail Daily letter: Finds it fishy

A poll watcher turned in some approximate figures between 7 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 2. Out of 116 voters 53 were unaffiliated, 35 Republican and 20 Democratic. If this pattern held true (considering the unaffiliated were going to be at least half and half), the race between the commissioners should have been closer.

Sheriff had 13,111 total votes cast. Surveyor had 12,967 votes cast. State treasurer had 13,378 votes cast. The state Board of Education had 13,378 votes cast.

Commissioner had 13,921 total votes cast, which is 543 votes above the highest of the others. So, does this mean that 543 voters voted only for Sara Fisher on their ballots? Fishy?

Mrs. Fisher’s denial and cover up of a $21 million debt to taxpayers for Riverview repair still bothers me. This happened at the Homestead debate. Repairs need to be made; I don’t question that. However, for an elected official to deny and cover up is not acceptable.

As Sara Fisher says, “Business as usual,” may I remind her that over 6,200 voters did not vote for “business as usual” and expect to be listened to.

Joanne Harris


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