Vail Daily letter: Fisher the best choice |

Vail Daily letter: Fisher the best choice

Dan Godec
Vail, CO Colorado

I support Sara Fisher for County Commissioner. I have respect for the experience and knowledge Sara brings to the job. She has a grasp of the issues facing Eagle County. She will be a more effective commissioner and Eagle County will be better off by electing her to a second term.

There are several issues that caused me to reach an obvious conclusion.

• Taxes – Eagle County is going to suffer a 30 percent reduction in property values at the next assessment. This will mean a huge drop in revenue; Sara has committed to not asking the voters for any tax increase. She has already taken a leadership role in formulating plans to deal with the reduced revenue. Tough cuts will be made. I would rather an experienced person make those decisions. Sara has been a resident of Eagle County for over 30 years and believes county government should live within its means.

• County government tightened development rules and mandated affordable housing regulations that may have been appropriate during boom years. Sara has committed to review these regulations in light of the current economic environment. Sara believes in supporting the private sector in promoting job growth. She believes in sensible and sustainable growth, whether this is in construction activity or small business generation.

• Sara has developed invaluable contacts throughout the county and state; her leadership and experience is the best choice for Eagle County.

I support Sara because she is a perceptive caring individual. There are untold stories where she has made a difference in people’s lives. She deserves your vote for county commissioner.

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