Vail Daily letter: Fooled into paid parking |

Vail Daily letter: Fooled into paid parking

Carol Noyes
Vail, CO, Colorado

My husband and I were in Vail for the first time in early July. We initially went for the Sunday farmers market. Arriving, we asked a traffic director where we could park. “Turn around and go right at the intersection and you’ll find parking.” he told us. So we did and turned into the first lot we came to that had a blue “P” sign. Turned out to be the Solaris parking lot.

At $10 per hour! We said to ourselves, “We won’t be staying long, and if all Vail parking is this expensive, we won’t be returning!”

However, talking with vendors, we found that there is free parking at the town of Vail parking garage just a bit east of where we parked. So after about a half an hour, we moved our car into the free lot – after paying $10 into the automated Solaris payment machine.

As a tourist, I find Solaris’ $10 an hour parking is outrageous and also very misleading, as their parking sign (a blue “P”) looks just like the town parking signs (also a blue “P”). At a minimum, I feel there should be some distinction – maybe a red “P.”

Carol Noyes

San Diego, Calif.

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