Vail Daily letter: For Alexander |

Vail Daily letter: For Alexander

John and Vicky Roeser
Gypsum, CO Colorado

I have read several letters supporting Sara Fisher for Eagle County commissioner. All have stated that Sara is a good person. However, none has provided any facts to back up Sara’s ability to manage taxpayers’ money in a fiscally responsible manner. Is Sara qualified to be a county commissioner?

The answer to that question became painfully clear at a recent debate with Claudia Alexander before the Homestead Homeowners Association, which was reported on by the Vail Daily. Sara stated that the Riverview Apartments renovation was funded by grants. Claudia then produced an Eagle County accounting report, dated Aug. 8, which on page 13, titled “Riverview Apartments Renovation Sources of Funds,” shows that more than half of the funds, $8.9 million, came from a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development loan, which has to be paid back by Eagle County taxpayers. The loan for 40 years at 5.3 percent will cost us $21 million. Can we afford a commissioner who doesn’t know the difference between a grant and a loan?

During 2009 and so far in 2010, there will have been nearly 900 home foreclosures in Eagle County. Do we want a county commissioner who has publicly opposed the following:

• Lowering the mill levy to prevent a 30 percent increase in property taxes?

• Suspending or placing on the ballot a proposition to rescind the open space tax?

• Modifying the county’s “green” building code so that well-paying jobs would return?

• Getting the county out of the development business, i.e., Stratton Flats?

By her own record, Sara Fisher has shown that she is more interested in taxing as much as possible than in helping Eagle County families save their homes.

Sara has stated that Claudia Alexander is not experienced enough for the job. However, the opposite is true. Claudia, with her business experience and proven people skills, demonstrates that she does have the knowledge and ability to be a superior county commissioner.

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