Vail Daily letter: For Alexander for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: For Alexander for commissioner

Cym Cogswell
Vail, CO, Colorado

Why should I, a life-long Michiganian, offer an opinion on the Eagle County commissioners’ race?

I am not familiar with the Eagle County issues, but I am comfortable saying I do know Claudia Alexander as a business woman. I have seen her in action.

I worked with Claudia for several years when she managed a senior community in Farmington Hills, Mich.

Whether researching the various statutes that applied to our state’s laws governing senior housing or learning the wage and hour intricacies that impacted our work force, she was indefatigable.

Claudia thrived on seeking, learning and sharing information. Her energies were directed at making our organization streamlined and profitable.

She knew budgeting and she was a wizard that thrived on paring down expenses.

But, in my opinion, her true talent was in promises kept.

In the case of my property, Claudia recognized that wage parity was important to our employees. She said she would get us in line with other similar facilities.

Some were skeptical. All were impressed when the increases took effect.

To the voter, a candidate’s past performance is a good indicator of future behavior.

Given the opportunity, I’d cast my ballot for Claudia.

Cym Cogswell

Farmington Hills, Mich.

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