Vail Daily letter: For Corcoran |

Vail Daily letter: For Corcoran

Sam Ecker
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dan Corcoran represents the epitome of the perfect example of a county surveyor. He is well educated in the occupation, highly experienced and does not own a land surveying company.

His reviews of the work of other surveyors in the county are non-biased as he is not in a competitive business position. There are numerous aspects to the job. But realistically, the primary requirement is providing Eagle County with oversight that proper survey practice is followed in plats that are recorded in the county, as well as resolving disputes in boundary conflicts that require a separate opinion of which only an individual with extensive experience of such can provide.

Dan Corcoran has been surveying in the area for over 38 years, and has been a licensed professional land surveyor for 31 years. In that time he has not only surveyed several thousand properties in Eagle County but also experienced the intricacies of development within the county.

He has a profound knowledge of the survey history of the region that few in the local industry have. In this profession, knowledge of the practices of the past, as well as proper survey evidence to utilize, is key to providing the best opinion.

Being a member of the State Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors is a highly accredited accomplishment in one’s career. Dan was an active member of the board for eight years. Since then he has been providing expert opinion to the Attorney General’s Office and the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Office of Investigations.

Eagle County is currently represented by one of the most experienced and qualified surveyors in the state. We are fortunate to have Dan willing to continue to provide his expertise to all of us.

Please vote for Dan Corcoran as county surveyor.

Sam Ecker


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