Vail Daily letter: For Evans |

Vail Daily letter: For Evans

Phil Struve Vail, CO, Colorado

Working with Chris Evans for four years, when he was the chair of the Avon Planning & Zoning Commission, built a high level of respect for his commitment, knowledge, fairness and consistency. Chris is a strong advocate for protecting property rights. And he has built a very positive working relationship with all our surrounding partners. He has stayed actively involved in Avon during the past two years, providing ideas and feedback to the town about how to keep improving. His ability to work with the current council and those running for the next one in a respectful manner has been proven many times.Chris’ leadership in the valley has been a large factor in making life better for all of us. He sponsors a very successful kickball fundraiser, supports a well-respected preschool and takes his employees on a group trip every year.The Vail Daily got it right this week when they endorsed Chris, Todd, Dave and Rich for the new Avon Town Council.Phil Struve Avon

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