Vail Daily letter: For Hoy |

Vail Daily letter: For Hoy

Jim and Judy Popeck
Vail, CO, Colorado

There seems to be a clear contrast in our candidates for sheriff. The commitment to Eagle County is dramatically different between the two.

Joe Hoy has made his permanent home here in Eagle County for the past 23years. James Van Beek has been absent from our valley for almost 10 years.

As an officer in the Army with combat experience and commendations for bravery, Joe could have accepted a high-level law enforcement position just about anywhere, but he chose to dedicate his life’s work to Eagle County.

He chose here because of his love for the people of this valley and his genuine commitment to shelter us all from crime and danger. He chose here because of his vision to build a fiscally stronger and more unified community. He chose here to give our children a secure learning environment.

Although James Van Beek may have international experience, we can’t imagine a candidate more qualifed to deal with the issues facing our home then Joe Hoy.

From drugs, violent crime, cyber crime, modern jail management, and safety in our schools, Joe Hoy has been here for us and has built an extremely effective Sheriff’s Office to deal with these issues. Joe doesn’t need to consult a “sheriff’s manual” on how to handle his responsibiities, all of his past experience and his natural instincts and compassion have proven time and time again that he should remain our sheriff. He has done an exemplary job and has a very strong network of relationships with other local emergency service providers, with sheriffs in surrounding counties and throughout the state, and with the legislators who make the laws to protect us.

A prior part-time resident, at best, should not take that away from him. He has earned our respect and deserves this position.

As long-time business owners and residents in Edwards, we truly appreciate the friendliness and professionalism not only from Joe, but from his deputies and staff we’ve met throughout the years. This type of community connection doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen overseas.

Please join us in voting in November for our next sheriff, Joe Hoy.

Jim and Judy Popeck


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