Vail Daily letter: For Hoy for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: For Hoy for sheriff

Although I am a life-long Democrat, I supported Joe Hoy for Eagle County sheriff in the primary and will, similarly, support him in the general election.

Particularly in these challenged economic times, I believe that supporting persons of integrity is essential. Joe Hoy is a person of unquestioned and unquestionable integrity.

Much of the dissatisfaction affecting voters during this election cycle is a feeling that things are broken, that the American system of government needs fixing.

While there is resonance in that sentiment — a sentiment that is felt across party lines — what seems truly necessary is to have in place people you can count on. Joe Hoy is that kind of person.

If government needs fixing, then the first step in fixing it is in electing reliable, selfless persons of impeccable experience and unassailable motivation to truly serve the electorate. I cannot think of a finer, more seasoned veteran than Joe Hoy.

As an attorney practicing in Eagle County for nearly 18 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Sheriff Hoy professionally for many years and have also come to know him as a friend.

Joe’s knowledge, impartiality, openness, facility with people, and deep commitment to service and to this community distinguish him as an exemplar of what a law enforcement chief should be. I am not only proud to count Joe Hoy as a friend but am proud to live in a community so well-served by its law enforcement community.

The officers Joe Hoy has hired have been skilled, well-trained and unqualifiedly professional. His reorganization of the sheriff command structure was both overdue and well executed.

His management of the department, including its fiscal management under the extraordinary pressures of the current economic climate, has been well performed and well received.

Sheriff Hoy has again and again demonstrated maturity and keen judgment in any number of difficult situations. While accessible and active in the community, Joe has generally stayed below the radar and guided the department with firm and quiet authority rather than drawing attention to himself.

Joe has, simply put, earned the respect of all level-headed persons who have had the pleasure of engaging him.

Joe Hoy amply deserves another term as Eagle County sheriff. Failing to re-elect him would be a tragic blow to the community he has well-served for many, many years. One would be hard-pressed to bring to the office of sheriff the credentials, experience, calm, judgment, and steady hand that Joe Hoy employs.

Eagle County could not do better than with Joe Hoy at the helm of the Sheriff’s Office. And for these reasons Joe Hoy will have my unqualified support.

Rohn K. Robbins


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