Vail Daily letter: For Hoy |

Vail Daily letter: For Hoy

Tim Cochrane
Eagle County, CO Colorado

An open letter to the residents and voters of Eagle County:

Just around the corner we have the opportunity to exercise our right and privilege to vote for county sheriff. As a 35-year resident of Eagle County, I have a few questions and some comments addressing the men seeking to be our sheriff.

First of all, I have enjoyed the letters from relatives and those friends of Mr. Van Beek (many of whom reside out of the USA, many locals, commenting on his abilities and intentions. My questions are simple: Where has James been for most of the campaign? Where has he been the last eight years? Where was he when Sheriff Johnson was term-limited?

Just four years ago, we had yet another election. Again, I did not see Mr. Van Beek’s name on the ballot. Why now has he decided to challenge the incumbent strongly endorsed by both Republicans and independents and supported by many Democrats, notably Rohn Robbins?

I see Mr. Van Beek is running as an unaffiliated candidate. I can appreciate not wanting to sign up with only two party choices. However, unaffiliated to me means not to associate or ally oneself with any other person, business, or community service organizations, etc. A.J. Johnson running his first time stated he was an independent, preferring to run as a candidate for the residents of Eagle County. Later, A.J. changed his affiliation, as have as many of our fine elected officials. I’d like to hear directly from James who are his associates, who will he affiliate with in the future? To whom are commitments being made on changes he has proposed?

I would ask each of you to ask the same questions of both candidates. I have had the honor to have worked for the Sheriff’s Office for the past 30-plus years as a volunteer emergency responder, state search and rescue coordinator for the past five governors, National Mountain Rescue Association president, and with dozens of current and past Colorado county sheriffs.

I got to know each sheriff very well, their faults and their pluses. Joe Hoy is a man you can rely on. We are safe with his organization patrolling the roads. We don’t have the problems of other counties. Do we still have problems? Of course. But most of these difficulties can only be solved by the commissioners and their budgeting priorities.

In the past eight years, Joe has provided strong leadership, providing balance where possible and firm direction when demanded. Other counties watch us with admiration on how well Joe gets the job done. Currently, he is president-elect of the Colorado sheriffs’ organization.

Recently, I addressed the role Eagle County Sheriff’s Office has provided on how other counties are working together to resolve common search and rescue incidents. This is the leadership we need to continue to support.

In summary, I suggest you call Sheriff Joe and ask him the tough questions. Get the right answers and then re-elect Joe Hoy, the right man for the job.

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