Vail Daily letter: For Kennedy, Scanlan |

Vail Daily letter: For Kennedy, Scanlan

Liz Spetnagel
Eagle, CO Colorado

State Treasurer Cary Kennedy and Rep. Christine Scanlan are but two candidates on the Democratic ticket that deserve your support regardless of party affiliation. Kennedy has brought a level of transparency to our state government that is unheard of in any other state. Through the interactive website called Colorado Tax Tracks, Colorado taxpayers can see just how their tax dollars are being spent. Because of Kennedy’s appropriate fiscal conservancy, Colorado’s money was not put into any of the risky financial products of the past few years and was well diversified. As a result, we now enjoy the best state bond rating nationally. This directly contributes to Colorado being in the top five business-friendly states in the country.

Closer to home, Scanlan has been working tirelessly to bring attention to our pine-beetle crisis. By both securing federal funding to help mitigate the issues related to forest management and promoting businesses that find creative and innovative ways to use the beetle-killed timber, Scanlan has demonstrated that she has the skill to tackle difficult problems from multiple directions. Scanlan successfully carried important ground-breaking education-reform legislation for the state to make our schools more accountable and financially transparent. She also has been honored by the Independent Bankers of Colorado with the 2010 Champion of Main Street Award, given to legislators who demonstrate the ability to work in a bipartisan manner to craft meaningful public policy.

Financial challenges will continue to face our country as the economy recovers, and we will continue to face cuts throughout the budget. Fortunately, Kennedy’s excellence has prevented this from being a more drastic situation in Colorado. As these cuts are being made, we need Scanlan’s legislative experience to care for the needs of Eagle, Summit and Lake counties.

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