Vail Daily letter: ‘For-profit’ pot clinic simply is capitalism |

Vail Daily letter: ‘For-profit’ pot clinic simply is capitalism

Stan White
Vail, CO, Colorado

It’s commendable that Kraige Kinney (Letter: “Just say no to for-profit pot shops,” Dec. 21) voted for citizens with serious health issues to use the plant cannabis (marijuana) medicinally.

Many citizens with severe pain (for example) are able to choose using or already have been using significantly more dangerous and extremely addictive narcotics with many side effects (including possible death) that leave them feeling like zombies and unable to function or work.

Cannabis has historically also been used for muscle spasms, nausea and many other ailments with far less side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. Citizens deserve the option to use the natural and safer God-given plant for those medical conditions.

Citizens should be allowed to make a profit for cultivating and providing cannabis and more so since the federal government threatens to cage them.

Alternative pharmaceutical medications involve profit at every step of the equation. Is there any medication in existence that does not involve profit; why discriminate against cannabis?

Stan White


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