Vail Daily letter: For van Beek |

Vail Daily letter: For van Beek

Tug Birk
Vail, CO, Colorado

Earlier this spring I pulled a kayak out of the Eagle River. Being worried about the owner, I called the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office to report the kayak.

After a report was filed with a deputy, I was told to leave the boat on the side of the road for the owner to recover. After three days of it sitting on the side of the road, I again called the Sheriff’s Office to let them know that the kayak was still in the same spot and I was worried that just anybody could pick the boat up.

I was informed at that time that they would take it to the station and that if the owner didn’t pick it up that it would be mine after 90 days.

I wanted to get the boat into the owner’s hands so I posted it on Mountain Buzz and at Alpine Quest Sports, as well.

After the 90 days had elapsed I called the Sheriffs Office only to find out that the kayak had been donated to the Minturn rummage sale over two weeks before I was even eligible to claim the boat.

I have placed several calls to Sheriff Joe Hoy to discuss the miscommunication and how things like this could be alleviated in the future, but he has failed to return my calls. It is due to this incompetence and lack of communication that I will be casting my vote for Van Beek.

Tug Birk


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