Vail Daily letter: For Wolf |

Vail Daily letter: For Wolf

Dyke R. Sullins
Vail, CO, Colorado

Who is Deputy Charles Wolf? Questions have been raised by his opponent about Charles’ background and experience, and why he is running for Eagle County sheriff.

Deputy Charles Wolf was my direct supervisor, shift partner, and field training officer in Ruidoso, N.M. Charles is one of the few people in my law enforcement career who became a supervisor and did not let it go to his head.

He is humble in his service and dedicated to his community. He believes in community policing and volunteered his time as a fireman and gave bike safety classes to kids on his on time. Charles is a bright, educated man and is willing to learn and share his knowledge.

He has received numerous awards, letters of thanks from the public, accommodations, and compliments from agencies he has worked with.

Charles is level headed and honest. Charles also has integrity. He says there is always something to be learned and one phrase he is fond of saying is: “If you know it all, then it is time to retire because you are unwilling to listen anymore.”

Vote for Deputy Charles Wolf, a dedicated law enforcement professional, for Eagle County sheriff.

Dyke R. Sullins

Mineral Wells, Texas

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