Vail Daily letter: Fort Lauderdale of the West |

Vail Daily letter: Fort Lauderdale of the West

Toby Mower

Regarding the bus driver who was fired because of his comments made to drunk and pot smelling customers, a writer states (Vail Daily, March 9), “Those boozy folks in Vail’s bars, pubs and restaurants drive our economy and are the underpinning of his paycheck.”

Excuse me! As a person who had gone to Vail to eat at high-priced restaurants without getting drunk, and has done some major shopping trips there, I have stayed away from Vail in recent years. Actually, I call Vail the Fort Lauderdale of the West, especially on weekends and holidays.

We were homeowners in Breckenridge quite a few years ago, but sold out because during holiday and weekends, we could not walk the streets without the feeling of getting high on other people’s pot (this was even before it was made “legal”), and hearing the “F” word every couple of steps.

I am definitely not a prude, but resent other people’s rudeness and disrespect for adults. I moved to Beaver Creek to get away from all this.

However, the few times I go to Vail after skiing or after dinner, I find the same behavior in the streets of “upscale Vail” as I did in Breckenridge. On one occasion, I literally almost found myself within seconds of getting pulled into a drunken brawl. Needless to say, Vail has generally lost a restaurant customer and a shopping customer on holidays and weekends.

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