Vail Daily letter: Found Vail Valley Voices column about Eagle River Station wanting |

Vail Daily letter: Found Vail Valley Voices column about Eagle River Station wanting

Paul Witt
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I am once again amazed, but not surprised, by the recent Valley Voices column by Citizens for the Future of Eagle regarding Eagle River Station.

From the highly slanted and pejorative language to the ignoring of the fact that over 1,000 people who voted thought Eagle River Station was the right plan for Eagle, their column once again shows the hypocrisy of some of the more vocal opponents.

The column complains that “thousands of area residents couldn’t vote because their neighborhoods have never been annexed into town.”

To the best of my knowledge in the 12 years I’ve lived here, Upper Kaibab has never asked for annexation. Castle Peak Ranch has never asked for annexation. Eby Creek Mesa asked once, half-heartedly. Diamond S Ranch has never asked for annexation. So what’s the problem now?

Although the opposition continually said that they didn’t believe the market studies and financial projections, they never once offered any proof that the studies and financial structure, which were reviewed by the town’s financial consultant, were inaccurate. Just saying you don’t believe the facts doesn’t make them not true.

Opponents argued that small-business development had been put on hold and no one was opening new businesses because of the possibility of ERS and the economy.

Yet in the column, they tout the “small businesses that have been springing to life.” When the project was first proposed, there wasn’t enough housing, according to the opponents. Now there’s too much.

This group has contended that for the last three years they have had an alternative plan in place for the success of the town (although it was rarely, if ever, made public).

Now they’re saying that now is the “time to begin planning.”

Once again, it appears that the story changes to fit the needs of the opposition.

I am insulted by Scot Hunn’s quote of people voting on “values instead of on the promise of jobs and more sales tax income.” For you to imply that I and the more than 1,000 people that supported ERS gave up our values is demeaning and simplistic, Scot.

The values I embrace are honesty, integrity and trying to find ways support this town now and in the future so that we can maintain our small-town character and continue to provide the services our growing community requires.

My values do not include threatening phone calls (which supporters received), stealing property (which some of the opposition did), and hiding funding sources (where did the nearly $70,000 come from the flowed through Citizens for the Future of Eagle, and why won’t they tell us?).

There are other examples in the column I could dispute, but the point is this: I’m all for working together toward making Eagle a better place.

I just hope we can do it with an open and honest dialogue, instead of grandstanding hyperbole.

Paul Witt


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