Vail Daily letter: Framed by ethnicity |

Vail Daily letter: Framed by ethnicity

Rob Favreau
Vail, CO, Colorado

This is in response to Dawn Ramirez’s letter, printed Aug. 12: Why does everything have to be about race, Dawn?

I’ve been told by the Beaver Creek gate people that “employees need to park” in the downhill lots and ride the bus up so many times in the past, I couldn’t possibly remember them all. And I wasn’t an employee, either!

You fit the profile of an employee (“I don’t drive the nicest car”), as did I (not the nicest car), but you attributed this whole thing to race.

Given that you started your letter with “I am Hispanic,” and your first words about the gate person in question were “middle-aged white lady,” whom you then called “nasty and mean,” it appears that you

have framed this scenario into racial terms yourself.

So it seems your letter is a bit racist and entirely hypocritical.

Rob Favreau

Bozeman, Mont.

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