Vail Daily letter: ‘Freedom is not free’ |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Freedom is not free’

Dr. Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

The above inscription is found on a low grey marble wall overlooking a shallow reflecting pool at the Korean Conflict Memorial in Washington, D.C. This memorial is all-powerful as you look out on to the larger-than-life statues of U.S. soldiers in the field.

Sitting there quietly, I recalled lying in my bed as a 9-year-old, listening nightly to the radio broadcaster announcing the names of our soldiers and their home towns who had recently given their lives in the name of freedom.

But this was not our freedom. This was for the freedom of another country’s people.

Then it hit me. The majority of those at this incredible memorial were Koreans. They were there to honor the American heroes who fought and died for their freedom. “Freedom is not free,” and our military is still in South Korea 57 years after the cessation of hostilities.

Whether or not one agrees with the current situations throughout the world, the United States of America and our people have always been the defenders and protectors of freedom and liberty wherever threatened.

Dr. Michael Schneider


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