Vail Daily letter: Freeway free-for-all |

Vail Daily letter: Freeway free-for-all

Tracie Portice
Vail, CO, Colorado

I almost died the other day. Well, technically, my husband and I almost died. You see, we are avid motorcycle riders and we take every advantage of riding in the summer to work when the weather is nice. I realize this sport has its own set of risks, and I accept them the same way I have learned to overlook some people’s driving. However, on this particular day I had enough.

Our morning started out as any other until a guy driving a black Cherokee decided he needed to use the emergency turn-around with a car and two motorcycles directly behind him, all going 75 mph. There is a reason they are for emergency use only! He caused everyone behind him and beside us to all slam on our brakes to avoid hitting him.

How would this person have felt if we would have crashed into him and been injured or worse? I have seen people ride within mere feet of my rear tire because they are late to work. Feel 75-80 mph is not fast enough? Is it worth putting my life on the line?

People using the Edwards on-ramp, you do not have the right away to getting on the interstate. You must merge to the traffic already there! I once was beside a semi passing Edwards and a person was getting on the interstate was not paying attention. At least the trucker could see me and stayed in his lane. However the car trying to merge ended up in the breakdown lane. To top it off, the driver was mad enough to think it was the trucker’s fault, not his for not yielding to traffic!

Finally on my way home I decidedly had enough of the interstate and since it was raining, I took Highway 6 home, only to be met in Eagle by a man driving a BMW impatiently passing a group of cars and getting back in his lane just before hitting me head on.

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We say we live in a community where everyone cares for everyone, and for the most part we do. But once we get on the road, it’s a free for all. If you’re late, leave earlier. It’s not the people on the road you should take it out on. And please give motorcyclists a little more room than you would a car; it’s not worth a life. Thank you!

Tracie Portice


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