Vail Daily letter: Fresh perspective |

Vail Daily letter: Fresh perspective

Ted Archibeque
Vail, CO, Colorado

My name is Ted Archibeque, and I am a candidate for county surveyor. This letter is to provide insight to my campaign.

I believe this county is ready for a fresh perspective in the Eagle County Surveyor’s Office. My experience in county government and the private sector gives me the unique perspective to bring more value to the taxpayers from this relatively obscure elected public office.

My goal, in part, is to engage citizens and local officials concerning the importance of land surveyors to the community at large and to promote the preservation of land survey records, including maps and the survey markers on the earth. Land owners benefit from land surveyors because conflicting or unknown land boundaries are contrary to the public welfare and interfere with utilization of land and efficient economic development.

If I am elected county surveyor, I will urge the commissioners to help me develop a work plan focused on improving the quality and availability of survey information in Eagle County and evaluate all present county survey needs and the resources to fulfill those needs. I would then utilize said work plan and execute the duties of the office of county surveyor to the best of my ability. I do not advocate expanding the county surveyor office but will perform or supervise all the duties of the office of county surveyor, as mandated by law.

I will make myself available to collaborate with any county department in need of survey services and, perhaps, local municipal governments and all other taxing districts on survey and mapping issues, to help them make good decisions with our tax dollars.

A new state law (SB 182) passed this year asserting and clarifying county surveyors’ compensation for their services provided to the commissioners. This tells me that our state lawmakers see a need for Colorado elected county surveyors to continue to support county government.

Having public elections for offices such as treasurer, sheriff, coroner and surveyor is about accountability in government. Each office is accountable to the voters. In areas of our country where these positions are appointed by commissioners, the accountability and loyalty shifts to the commissioners and not the voters.

In closing, I am asking for your vote and support in the Nov. 2 election.

Ted Archibeque

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