Vail Daily letter: Friends like these |

Vail Daily letter: Friends like these

Steve Taylor
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dear Johnie bashers: Are you one of the other Democrats or fake Republicans tooting a horn for Jeff Layman? Yeah, I’ve heard all of that!

Listen, Johnie Rosenfeld is a man of integrity. He’s confronted his problems and has owned up to them. What sort of business are you in? Like your recent tax increases? My guess is that you’re connected with the county or town government somehow? Those seem to be the only ones ranting against Johnie! Hitting home yet? No? Well, please let me continue!

1. Why are the records sealed regarding his departure as undersheriff?

2. Why don’t we have the real story about why he left the Avon Police Department?

3. Why didn’t he reply to recent requests to debate Johnie on the issues?

No date ever seemed to work for him.

Obviously, other things were more important.

4. Why would Jeff work in a position under an amazingly leftwing (proponent of 3B) Louise Funk?

Oh, another government job? No fear of losing that job, eh?

5. Why would a Republican put his name on an ad to pass a property tax increase?

6. Jeff Layman works for Louise Funk, the chairwoman of the Eagle-Vail Metro District.

The metro district printed an ad recently, in the Eagle-Vail Quarterly, wrongly paid for by Eagle-Vail taxpayers, promoting Jeff Layman’s website! Why?

7. Jeff Layman’s code enforcement officer collected several of Johnie Rosenfeld’s yard signs in Eagle-Vail and gave them back to Johnie.

Yet, Jeff Layman’s signs are still up in Eagle-Vail!

8. Johnie Rosenfeld defeated Jeff Layman by 64.8 percent to 35.2 percent at the recent Eagle County Republican Assembly.

Apparently, Republicans in the know prefer Johnie 2-1!

9. Jeff Layman’s Facebook page with 550 friends has mostly leftwing Democrats on the page.

Can Republicans risk electing Jeff to commissioner when his friends are leftists?

I hope that this education will wake you and your friends up from your slumber. We need honest, caring people in government.

In Eagle County, that starts with Johnie Rosenfeld!

OK, everyone? Repeat after me: Commissioner Johnie, Commissioner Johnie, Commissioner Johnie, Commissioner Johnie, Commissioner Johnie, Commissioner Johnie.

Thanks everyone for reading my rant, but this crap makes me sick. It’s time for a change! In liberty!

Steve Taylor

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