Vail Daily letter: Fundamental choice |

Vail Daily letter: Fundamental choice

Henry Solomon
New York

Regarding the coming November elections, the fundamental choice is this:

Vote for Stephen Bailey if you believe in individual rights and constitutionally based limited government, that these are the basic principles that will lead to free-market capitalism (which does not exist today) and fiscal responsibility with regard to the taxpayers’ money, and that this is the basis for any increase in standard of living and quality of life that has ever been achieved in the history of man. Your vote for Stephen Bailey is your recognition that you understand why the United States of America is the greatest country that has ever existed and represents your loyalty to that greatness.

Vote for Jared Polis if your concerns are for short-term largesse from government. Recognizing that it will definitely be short term because the path we are on is fiscally unsustainable and that the tragedy that will ultimately befall you will be of your own making and government will not be there to bail you out. You will not be able to claim that you just did not understand or make believe that you did not think that the fatal problems would be left for people who come long after you are dead.

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