Vail Daily letter: Gas prices unfair |

Vail Daily letter: Gas prices unfair

Randy Hovey
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am an eighth-grade student in the county. I am writing about how high the gas prices are now. It shouldn’t be $5 for a gallon of gas. A lot of people in the valley can’t afford to spend almost $100 on gas every time their gas tank runs empty.

People in the future won’t be able to transport themselves to work or wherever they want to go because of the minimum supply of money in their wallet. I don’t know if people can take out $100 from their pockets every time their gas tank is empty.

It is not fair to people who don’t have that kind of money because they can’t get gas into their cars. Wealthy people could probably afford gas and have no problem with it.

At one time in Obama’s presidency, the gas prices were slowly going down to an affordable price for people. Then all of the sudden we see that it has been going up for some reason.

If gas were less money, then people would buy more gas. If this happens and people have no problem with buying gas, then it would reduce the minimum money people have.

Another solution to reducing the gas prices is not using gas as a fuel but instead using other oils. If we do this, then the countries that export our gas will reduce the gas prices because people aren’t buying gas that much.

I’m not saying that I’m against President Obama and how he runs this country. I agree with him about how this country should use more renewable energy as a source than using gas as a fuel.

Randy Hovey

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